TYPE Residential › Apartment

STATUS Completed

YEAR 2018

SIZE 2060 sft

CLIENT : Mr Milan Shah

Project Description

This 3bhk apartment was designed for a family of 4 from Pondicherry- Mr. Milan, his sister Miss Vibha and their elderly parents. The client brief was a residence to be given as a gift to the client`s father, someone who spent his younger days in Bangalore and had an emotional connection to the city. The client`s requirement was a warm, earthy and cosy home that also had an elegant and classy feel. This was achieved through contrasting warm coloured accents, earthy textures and minimal cladding, against elegant light fixtures, wallpapers, texture paints and a few tinted mirror surfaces.

One unique requirement of the client was that one bedroom needed to be converted to a therapy room, the client`s sister being a sound therapist. She asked for a warm and earthy ambiance in the room, a space where her clients could easily get comfortable and meditate. This room was treated with an accent wall painted with ochre coloured texture paint.

The parents` room was designed keeping in mind the needs of the elderly couple, thus avoiding sharp edges and emphasizing on a positive and serene ambiance in the room. The stone cladded wall, the concrete textured wall and the indirect lighting all contribute to a calm environment in the room.

The minimally cladded surfaces make the apartment feel spacious and light. The use of accent colours in the form of yellows along with the concrete and stone finished surfaces adds to the positive spirit of the spaces. Realistic artificial flowers and other plants help enliven the ambiance. The base colours have been maintained as neutral beiges and browns.