TYPE Residential › Apartment

STATUS Completed

YEAR 2018

SIZE 3500 sft

CLIENT : Dr. Shankar

Project Description

This apartment, measuring 3500 sqft in area comprises of 4 large bedrooms, living, dining, family and a spacious kitchen. The design approach involved using a colour scheme and material palette that exudes warmth, vigour and serenity and simultaneously looks sophisticated, to reflect the taste of Bangalore’s elite. The apartment is for a 3 member family. The client wanted simple, but trendy and elegant interiors. A tropical touch was brought in using artificial palms, Asian artifacts and leaf imprinted lights. Contrasting colours have been played with to achieve a colour block effect. A variety of textures in the form of stone veneer, intriguing textured laminates, wallpapers and beautiful fabrics all create an element of interest.

The carefully selected light fixtures act like accents in their various locations throughout the house. The warm white lighting throughout the house gives a cozy elegance to the spaces.

Realistic artificial plants and flowers placed around the house enliven the ambiance. Neutral tones of grey and beige are used as a base all over the flat. These are contrasted with rich shades of burnt orange, olive green, ink blue, forest green, rust red etc.

The rich veneer used adds warmth and contrasts against highly polished surfaces of mirrors, polyurethane finishes and marble flooring.