TYPE Residential › Private House

STATUS Completed

YEAR 2018

SIZE 4000 sft

CLIENT : Mr. Ashish Nahar

Project Description

The house has been designed for a client who is a businessman in the textile field, considering his family of five, spanning three generations. The brief was to have three luxurious bedrooms, ample living spaces to suit their requirements, entertainment and service areas.

The site measuring 1200 sft was located in a growing residential area in Bangalore. The site was flanked by dense multi dwellings on three sides and the road to the West, making it a challenging design task for us.

Considering the relatively small site, and the requirements of the client, the only option was to go vertical. The programme divides itself between four levels.

The residence has been designed with the intent to maintain good natural ventilation and lighting and taking into consideration the local climate and context. Passive cooling methods have been employed to combat the same.

At the ground level, one enters into the parking area . From here, a single flight of stairs flanked on one side by an array of planter boxes, takes one to the first floor where one enters the extremely spacious double height drawing room. This space, being on the west is ventilated by a double screening system of glass shutters and louvered screens, facilitating good air flow and in turn cutting down the harsh western heat. The screen also opens out the living to the beautiful park ahead of the road and visually connects this space to the neighborhood. The double height atrium here gives a sense of explosion of volume and passively cools the space. This double height atrium is flanked on one side with a feature wall of a stimulating geometric pattern abstracting the weave of fabric to give a sense of connect to the client and visually connects to the level above. This level also accommodates other semi-private areas like the puja, dining, kitchen & powder room.

The next two floors accommodate the private spaces such as bedrooms for the parent, master and children. They also house a common congregation space for family which visually connects to the level below.

The language of interiors for these spaces is mostly derived and inspired from the weave patterns and traditional textile block printing that can be seen in the form of cnc cuttings & gold embossed stone tiles etc. These patterns are eloquent of the client's line of business in the textile industry. Even the colour palette used is from the rich, diverse and vibrant region of Rajasthan where the client hails from.

The final level accommodates the entertainment areas such as the mini- theater which spills out to a terrace garden in case of parties. The terrace garden having a double layered floor finished with reclaimed wood also serves the purpose of passively cooling the master bedroom below.

Coming to the external treatment, the verticality is visually broken down into fragments of horizontal masses and louvers which serve the purpose of passively cooling the space as explained earlier. The stone cladding along the staircase wall on the facade provides double layering against the penetration of the harsh western heat and accentuates the vertical spine of the house..