TYPE Residential › Private House

STATUS Completed

YEAR 2019

SIZE 2400sft

CLIENT : Mrs. and Mr. Raghu

Project Description

This house on a plot of 30’x40’ with a built-up area of 2400 sft was designed for a family of 3- Dr. Raghu, Mrs. Anitha Raghu and their son mrinal. It was kept extremely simple with minimal cladding both internally and externally. The beauty of this house lies entirely in its uncluttered simplicity, which also contributes to making the house seem more spacious and airy.

The north facing house, being on a corner plot, both north and east elevations are clearly visible from the road. The orientation of the house also facilitates the best quality natural lighting entering the house. The external material palette consists solely of grey and white paint and wood finished louvers. The double-height living room with a large fixed glass window at the upper level helps bring in maximum daylight throughout the day The ambience achieved is warm and positive. The bedrooms have been kept minimalist and with minimal dark colours, thus adding to the illusion of spaciousness. Rich coloured fabrics and cushions with Indian prints help enhance the contemporary Indian feel.