TYPE Residential › Private House

STATUS Completed

YEAR 2018

SIZE 6800 sft

CLIENT : Mrs. & Mr. Satish Salian

Project Description

This villa in Embassy Boulevard was for a family of 6 with plot area of 7700 sq ft and completed in the year 2018. The client requirement was an elegant looking, contemporary villa. The ambiance achieved is contemporary and simultaneously transcendent. The curtains, carpets and bed linen have been aptly customized to match with the colour schemes of each room.

This aspect proved pivotal to the radiant ambiance achieved throughout the villa. Splashes of diligently chosen intense colours acts as highlights against the otherwise neutral palette and set the colour schemes for the various spaces in the villa. Bright orange / electric green single seaters contrast with the stark white sofa sets in the living & family space.

Clutter free with minimalist yet functional furniture , this villa offers the best of both worlds, the sophisticated opulence of a hotel and the personal touch and bespoke ambiance of a home. Artificial plants & flowers placed at strategic points add to the liveliness of the space.

Hand-picked exquisite Italian furniture give the house a rich and elegant feel. The pastel colours on the walls act as the perfect back drop for the bright coloured elements.

The finest of light fixtures were selected to provide the required light intensity/quality as well as to add to the aesthetics of the spaces.

The rich coloured curtains add a pop of colour to the spaces. The customized sheers add to the exclusiveness of the ambiance.

The bright, colourful paintings that adorn the walls were hand-picked by the client, thus lending a very personal touch to the spaces.

The younger daughter`s bedroom was designed considering her age, but also keeping in mind the scheme of the rest of the house. The pink coloured flowers embroidered on the sheers lend a delicate feminine feel to the room while making sure the elegance is maintained.

The parents` bedroom in pastel green has a very calm and serene vibe to it.

The master bedroom was treated with a lot of opulence and richness. Customized black curtains with golden patchwork give an extravagant feel. The black and white striped chaise-lounge is a striking piece against the back-drop of black curtains. The rich plum coloured orchids and throw cushions lend a burst of colour to the room.

The last bedroom has been done up in a very simple but elegant fashion, in tones of nudes and beiges, chic furniture and elegant light fixtures, reflecting the elder daughter`s taste.

Overall, the villa is a blend of homeliness and sophistication, the villa is classy , yet warm & welcoming precisely a reflection of the client.