TYPE Residential › Private House

STATUS Proposed

YEAR 2018

SIZE 12,000 sft

CLIENT : Mr. Sai Aditya

Project Description

This proposal was for a luxury residence on the outskirts of Bangalore with a site area of 3 acres. We as architects had the liberty to explode the program and intertwine it with landscape elements. We approached the design with a tropical modern context, respecting the site parameters such as the contours, the sun path and the wind patterns.The openings of the house were predominantly oriented to the north to bring in pleasant sunlight. The house was divided into 2 zones- private and semi-private. The semi-private spaces are more like outward oriented pavilions with a seamless boundary between the built and the unbuilt, giving rise to beautiful vistas. The more private spaces like bedrooms look inwards into private courtyards. The master bedroom and the entertainment space sit atop the house, defined by a wooden slatted box, leaping over to give beautiful vistas of the property.