TYPE Residential › Apartment

STATUS Completed

YEAR 2016

SIZE 1600 sft

CLIENT : Mrs. and Mr. Chandrashekhar

Project Description

This 3bhk apartment was designed for a family of 3. The client who is an areca nut merchant wanted rich, plush looking interiors with a very sophisticated feel. The spaces have been done in an ornate manner with rich wooden paneling, golden emporio italian marble cladding, luxurious drapes, tinted mirrors and exquisite furniture and light fixtures.

One bedroom was converted into a home theater, with a sofa-bed which would be used by the daughter who is married and settled in another part of bengaluru. The son who is an ace car racer requested for his bedroom to be designed to showcase his numerous medals.

The parents` bedroom is again designed to keep with the ornateness of the entire house. The diamond- shaped mirror pieces cladded at the bed head add to the sparkly-rich feel of the room. The stone cladded portion high-lighted with the down lighters lend a very interesting contrast in texture. Intense shades of yellow and orange have been scattered around as accents.